About the STOTT Pilates method:

STOTT PILATES® aims to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance
without risking injury or building bulk.
It focuses on neutral alignment,
core stability, breathing, and restoring the natural curves of the spine.
The Stott Pilates method will also relieve tension and enhance
self-confidence which will improve your overall quality of life (QOL).

We offer effective individual programs for a range of clients
such as fitness enthusiasts, post-rehabilitation patients,
(after medical clearance/in conjunction with medical treatment)
and for elite athletes to help them improve their functionality and performance.


Opened in 2004 BODY MODE was the first STOTT PILATES®
Licensed Training Center in Japan.
As a LTC BODY MODE provides certification courses and
workshops in Japanese and English. BODY MODE Academy
- a premier Training Center in Tokyo –
consistently delivers elite STOTT PILATES®
training and maintain high-quality instruction.
All of our Pilates instructors are certified in the internationally
recognized STOTT PILATES methodology.
They also take continuing education courses
each year to maintain their certification.
We keep our instructors up-to-date on the latest in mindful movement,
exercise science and choreography, so they can keep their classes
fresh for existing clients and attract new clients.
BODY MODE Academy is Tokyo’s most recognized
facility for STOTT PILATES® teacher training and education.
We produce well-educated quality instructors who tailor their
teaching approach to working with all walks of life, fitness abilities, ages and levels.