Client FAQs

1. Can I do Pilates if I am a complete beginner?

Of course you can!You might have experienced yoga and now want to try Pilates. We also welcome people who have a minimum or no exercise experience. Even if your last workout was long ago or during your time at school, you are still more than welcome to sign up for your trial Pilates class.

2. Can men do Pilates?

Of course they can!Actually recently more and more men are making Pilates part of their training regimes.

3. Is Pilates good for weight loss?

Pilates will strengthen your core. Talking of diets, you will firm up your body and tone your muscles.

4. How many times a week should I do Pilates?

Generally, it is recommended to do it once a week. Doing Pilates 2-3 times per week will definitely help you to reach your goals more quickly and effectively.

5. What if I have some physical disorders (knee pain, back pain etc.)

Originally, Pilates was developed as a rehabilitation method.

First, consult with your doctor. Once you obtain the permission, please sign up for a trial class. Do tell your Pilates instructor about your doctor’s recommendations.

6. If I am pregnant?

You can still do Pilates. However, if you haven’t had any Pilates experience before your pregnancy we would not recommend starting now.

However, it is okay to continue doing Pilates if you have started it before your pregnancy. Pilates will help to maintain an optimal weight and alleviate the back pain.

7. Will it help me to improve my sport performance?

Pilates consists of core strengthening and stabilizing exercises.

Pilates is a form of overall strength and conditioning used in the development of strong core muscles.

Ichiro, Kimiko Date and other Olympic athletes ultimately improve their strength and endurance by making Pilates a key component of their athletic conditioning.

8. Pilates or Yoga – what is the difference?

Yoga is a practice that originated in ancient India, while Pilates takes its name after German born Joseph H. Pilates.

It is also a well-known fact that Joseph Pilates, while working on his method, referred to yoga in terms of moves and breathing patterns. The current Pilates Method resembles many yoga concepts in its movements and ways of thinking. The spirit and exploring spirituality through meditation is a huge part of yoga practice. Pilates aims for a balanced and aligned body that looks fit, feels revitalized, and moves with ease.

In addition, yoga is practiced only with mats. The Pilates repertoire consists of systematic mat and equipment based exercises with modifications to address special populations.

9. Do you accept credit cards?

Sorry, we accept only cash.

10. Session and Academy class – what is the difference?

A session is an individual, duet or group Pilates workout. An Academy class is a class for people who want to become a Pilates instructor.