BODY MODE ACADEMY –Sendagaya Studio-

BODY MODE Studio is located very near to one of the
most prestigious Tokyo venues - Harajuku・Omotesando.
Tree lined Omotesando Boulevard features a range of luxurious boutiques,
trendy restaurants, fashionable hairdressers, and nail salons.

It is also nearby atmospheric tiny shops, cozy cafes, and fast food outlets.
You can enjoy shopping, gourmet food, and much more before or after your Pilates class.


STOTT PILATES® Education Programs are available at over 100 locations around the globe.
There are only two Licensed Training Centers (LTC) in Japan. BODY MODE is the home
for STOTT PILATES® Instructor Training and Certification for Japan, Tokyo.

BODY MODE Academy - a premier Licensed Training Center in Tokyo – consistently delivers
elite STOTT PILATES® training and maintain high-quality instruction.

At BODY MODE we offer a wide range of courses, including professional Pilates apparatuses,
taught by our experienced and dedicated Instructor Trainers. Whether you choose to take
your course in English or Japanese, Instructor Trainers will mentor you on your education path.

Benefits of LTC

  • resident Instructor Trainers
  • all courses are available
  • all Pilates equipment and props are available
  • post-graduate support