BODY MODE holds a wide range of workshops throughout the year.
Most workshops qualify for continuing education credits from STOTT PILATES.
They are a great way to expand the knowledge for Pilates
instructors and other fitness professionals. Workshops are
designed to supplement your current training and programming, to expand your repertoire,
learn new tips and teaching technique.

Specialty tracks

Widen your client-base and become a specialist in the field of your choice.
Complete the required STOTT PILATES® workshops and earn your CECs at the same time.

【Benefits of Specialty Tracks】

1Focus your training in the field of your choice
2Develop special programs for your clients
3Service special populations in your community
4Receive special cueing for specialty customers
5Learn modifications to address individual requirements
6Discover the specific needs of unique groups
7Address the anatomy and biomechanical necessities in each case
8Filter through the hundreds of workshops opportunities
9Streamline continuing education
  • Athletic Conditioning

    For those who work with very fit and accomplished

    athletes – learn to improve strength, power and agility,

    while challenging unilateral movement, weight transference

    and torso rotation. Take your clients to a

    new level of athletic performance.

  • Golf Conditioning

    Give your clients that extra edge. Learn exercises designed

    to increase strength, balance, flexibility and power.

    Condition the entire body, enhance core stability

    and body awareness to help boost performance on and off the green.

  • Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning

    For clients with injuries or special conditions

    – zero in on areas of the body which are most commonly injured.

    Learn to help your clients maintain strength

    after rehab and prevent future injuries.

  • Active for Life

    Specialized programming for the active aging population

    – learn to adapt the STOTT PILATES Principles and exercises

    or the active Boomers and older adults.

    Address issues such as restricted mobility.

  • Pre & Postnatal

    Take moms-to-be from traditional Matwork to variations

    that address their changing bodies. Learn appropriate exercise

    adaptations considering individual factors such as

    fitness level and health concerns.

  • Group Matwork

    Teaching effective and inspiring group Matwork

    classes requires skill, creativity and a complete

    repertoire of exercises. Learn techniques and selections

    to maintain motivation and ensure improvement

    even with a wide spectrum of clients.

  • Group Equipment

    Group classes on equipment can be fun and invigorating

    with an experienced and qualified instructor.

    Learn both classic and highly inventive exercises

    to guarantee stimulating sessions at a variety of levels.

  • Dance

    Dance inspired programs help clients build strength

    and stability while improving balance and flexibility.

    Learn specially designed exercises that combine

    fluidity of movement with sound biomechanical fundamentals.